The Mystery Ball of Bones!!!!! By Jamie-Leigh

One red morning a little girl and her school friends went to a museum for a trip. The little girl saw something weird and it looked like a ball of bones!

The little girl said, “I think that is Ancient  Greek!”

As the girl went away from the ball of bones…it moved! But  who took it? The little girl went back and screamed!


The teacher came and the rest of the children with the manager came.

The teacher said, “Whats the matter?”

“The ball of bones is gone!”screamed the little girl.

So they all ran away quickly


One thought on “The Mystery Ball of Bones!!!!! By Jamie-Leigh”

  1. That us a creepy story how the bones moved by itself. I love how you used a lot of dialog in your story I could really hear them screaming. Although I wonder how did it move by it self? and where did it go?

    Kind regards,
    (100WC Team)

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