The Hard Campsite by Faith

“I’m going camping with my friends,”  I said. When I got there we were doing an obstacle course. We had to listen carefully .
“First go though the tire swing, then do the hurdles, after that do the balloon bridge then exit on the  balance beam,” said the camp guide.
 But I forgot what to do.
She asked, ” Any questions ?”
 “Yes right here! “
“What do you want? ” shouted the camp guide.
 I didn’t understand the  instructions, ” I gulped .  
The next morning all of my camp were out side crying . They looked scared, even terrified .
Why do you think they were scared?

One thought on “The Hard Campsite by Faith”

  1. Oh, I don’t know! It’s ok to miss hear something, but it sounds like this person heard none of the instructions!
    Mr. M. (Team 100WC)
    Bedfordshire, UK

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