The Bouncy Castle (Gone Wrong) by Jaymie-Leigh

“Are you sure you are going to read the instructions?”said Morgan.
“Yes!” I   said.
“Are you sure?” asked Morgan.
 “YES!” I shouted.
The bouncy castle started blowing up and up. CAABOOM! The bouncy castle blew up.
“I didn’t understand the instructions,”I said.
” So you didn’t, you lied to me!” said Morgan. But…there  was  water everywhere. Me and Morgan slipped into the pool and got soaking wet.
 “But I didn’t understand the instructions,”I said again.
 “Its fine, let’s go in the pool,” said Morgan angrily.
“What?”I said. Then we heard the ice cream van.  DING DONG.
“ICE-CREAM VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Me and Morgan shouted.

One thought on “The Bouncy Castle (Gone Wrong) by Jaymie-Leigh”

  1. Hello Jaymie-Leigh, I like how you have used dialogue for your story. It helps create an understanding of your characters. I really like how you showed that Morgan really knew that you wouldn’t read the instructions but had to trust you. I’m sure an ice cream would have made things all better again.

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