The Amazing Day [by Lily-Sue]

One morning me and my friend went to Jungle Jim’s.  Then I got sick so we went to spend our fiver in the arcade.We had to go over a bridge so off we went. But the bridge was huge, it looked hard to get up. We went past a pink daffodil.  I thought someone had sprinkled the daffodil . My friend did one game but she didn’t get tickets. We went to my friend’s car. We got home but I flaked. I fell asleep slowly. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. In the morning I went to school happily.

One thought on “The Amazing Day [by Lily-Sue]”

  1. Hi Lily,
    I really like your 100wc. It was really creative and positive.
    Something that I really enjoyed was how your story was really intriguing so once I started I couldn’t stop. I like how you have such good spelling and grammar. I liked how you told me where you were and who you were with. I also really liked how when you said that you were hungry you explained why. I also really liked how you used cool describing words.

    Good job!!

    Yours sincerely,

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