The Baking Lesson By Edie

Today I went to a baking lesson. I was excited to make a yummy cake. On the way I saw a massive bridge with a little daffodil growing out of the bottom.  When I got there, I found out that I was making a huge, pink sprinkled cake. After I got ready to make my cake, I felt a bit nervous because it was for my uncle’s birthday and I didn’t want to mess it up for him. In the end it looked delicious and my uncle loved it. It tasted yummy!

I am glad I went. It was fun!

The World’s Biggest Flower By Oliver

One day I was walking on a bridge and came across this strange looking  daffodil. It was pink, but was enormously huge. I had never seen anything like it before in my life.

I thought I could make history if I got it even bigger so I sprinkled water over this strange daffodil. After  sprinkling water on it for two weeks I went to see how much it had grown.

Turns out it was bigger than me so I called a Guinness World Record official to check it. Because of this you will see me in the 2019 Guinness World Records.

The Amazing Day [by Lily-Sue]

One morning me and my friend went to Jungle Jim’s.  Then I got sick so we went to spend our fiver in the arcade.We had to go over a bridge so off we went. But the bridge was huge, it looked hard to get up. We went past a pink daffodil.  I thought someone had sprinkled the daffodil . My friend did one game but she didn’t get tickets. We went to my friend’s car. We got home but I flaked. I fell asleep slowly. I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. In the morning I went to school happily.

Beautiful Pink Daffodils in a Huge Garden {{{by Jamie-Leigh}}}

Some rare and bright  pink daffodils were on a huge mossy bridge. The man took one of the pink daffodils.
“The pink daffodil will be good for my garden,”the man said.
There were more of the pink daffodils, but the man already went home. He  went back to the  lovely bridge of pink daffodils and picked a bunch of daffodils from the bridge.
“Why aren’t there any white  or yellow daffodils on the bridge?”He said.
He saw a sign saying,
“No yellow or white daffodils ALLOWED!”
The man went to the bridge. He picked some daffodils and brought them home.

The Pink Daffodil by Carter

“We should go to this abandoned bridge I know,” said John.
“Okay, ” we said.
So off we  went. When we arrived  John picked a huge seed out his bag and put it in the ground .
“Let’s go home, ” said John.
When they got home I cut up meat and sprinkled salt on it, then ate it then went to bed . The next day we went back to the bridge.
“What?” we said, except John.
“It’s a special seed, ” said John.
” Yeah! But it’s pink, ” we said.
“It’s special. It’s the way Carter sprinkled the salt. “
“Okay, that’s wierd, ” we said.