Achievements and Hopes [By Lily-Sue]

This year things I have achieved are: getting better at football and getting on with my baby sister for the first time. This makes me feel happy because I don’t get on with my sister and she does not get on with me and now we get on. This makes me feel confident at football because I did not know how to play football but I got it at the end. Also I have learned to write poems. This makes me happy because I can do poems at home with family or friends. All of these might help  in life .

The Mysterious Ball of Bones

“Can we go to a museum ?”said John.
“Not yet, “we said.
“Please, ” said John.
“In a minute, ” we said.
“Fine,” said John.
“1 2 3 4 5 6, ” John started counting.
“We need to get ready, ” we said.
“Come on. It is time to go, ” said John.
“Right,” we said.
So off we went to the museum. When we got there it was the museum where it shows inventions.
“Wait. What is that?” said John. It was a ball made of bones.
“Look!” shouted John.
“No. Let me see, ” said Carl.
“That’s amazing !” said Carl.
So there they were in a museum looking at bones…

The Ball of Bones [By Lily-Sue ]

Me and my friend went to a giant museum. I found a ball, well I  thought  it  was a ball.

”What is it?” I said to my friend.

She said, ”It is a ball of bones.” I was wondering where it had come from. It might be from when  dinosaurs played bowling with it.

”Is it dangerous ?” I asked my friend. Well it looked dangerous with its really sharp spikes.  I thought it could kill someone.

I  screamed, ” Let’s get away from here!” My friend told me to calm  down. She wanted to keep the old ball of bones forever.

The Weird Ball By Faith

“I’m walking into a museum,” said Donald Trump. 
“Why ?” said Magma  .
“To look at the bone ball !” said Donald Trump.
“What’s a bone ball ? ” asked Magma .
“A bone ball is a ball wich is made out of bone. Are  you stupid?” said Donald Trump .
” Dur nope, ” said Magma quietly.
” Are you sure ?” said Donald, staring into my soul.
”  Anyway,” said Magma.  “Let’s go in the museum. But before we go in let’s take a selfie. “
Click (from the phone) .
# Goals.
When they got in and saw the pale bone ball they turned around for one second and it had vanished!


The Mystery Ball of Bones!!!!! By Jamie-Leigh

One red morning a little girl and her school friends went to a museum for a trip. The little girl saw something weird and it looked like a ball of bones!

The little girl said, “I think that is Ancient  Greek!”

As the girl went away from the ball of bones…it moved! But  who took it? The little girl went back and screamed!


The teacher came and the rest of the children with the manager came.

The teacher said, “Whats the matter?”

“The ball of bones is gone!”screamed the little girl.

So they all ran away quickly