My mysterious day in the forest. [by Katey]

I went on a walk in the forest with my family and friends. It used to be a funfair but it was dangerous and it got demolished four years ago.

It was a perfect place so we had a picnic there. All of a sudden my friends and I heard a strange noise which sounded like it was alive so we decided to take a look.

My friend, Lauren was scared so I stayed close to her. We saw red ,huge and rusty robot legs moving. We ran for our lives. We ran to tell my family. We screamed HELP!


My happy week

It was one summer’s day when me and my friends were walking though the woods we saw  a pair of copper legs. After that we had a race out the woods . I was the coach Although we ran quickly, we were still not making enough progress. When I got home I asked questions  to my self.  Why were big copper legs there ?

Next day  it was fun ; we went ice skating in Blackpool. I was still wondering why the legs were there . I said, ” I’m still freaking out. ” I went to sleep. “Night night,” I said.


by Faith


The spooky day in the woods by Lily-sue

One day me and my brother were  walking through the woods. We were doing an Easter egg hunt . We found an egg but next to the egg were giant legs . The legs were three times bigger than us  .We  were so spooked out because it was getting dark . We heard a noise.We thought it was the legs moving but it was our mum. She was coming to see what was taking us so long . But she turned around she screamed ”arg ” and she moved the us away . ” mum it’s fine  they’re not real ” . It took us long to get home.

The mysterious legs by Carter

Carter was walking in the forest when he came across massive legs . He assumed the legs were  alien legs but found a torso and an alien head in the mech . The alien moved its head and tried to get up and he ran faster than lightning when he saw the mech was  following . He got tired and rolled over to cover . The  mech was floating. It was hard to breath when he ran a mile . The mech was trying to find him but it floated off to the  forest . He ran to safety and saw the alien shoot off upwards .





Harvey’s adventure!

Harvey  is back on his daring adventure  racing against the  hurricane  with his friends, although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Hurricane Harvey was destroying house by house, street by street there was  furious yellow lighting covering all of England, it was like a giant earthquake going on for hours it was hopeless Harvey and  his friends
couldn’t run fast enough. They were already exhausted, they found a cave and ran inside it for shelter Harvey had a drink from his backpack and then went sleep, when  he woke  the hurricane had gone, he had won!