Beautiful Pink Daffodils in a Huge Garden {{{by Jamie-Leigh}}}

Some rare and bright  pink daffodils were on a huge mossy bridge. The man took one of the pink daffodils.
“The pink daffodil will be good for my garden,”the man said.
There were more of the pink daffodils, but the man already went home. He  went back to the  lovely bridge of pink daffodils and picked a bunch of daffodils from the bridge.
“Why aren’t there any white  or yellow daffodils on the bridge?”He said.
He saw a sign saying,
“No yellow or white daffodils ALLOWED!”
The man went to the bridge. He picked some daffodils and brought them home.

One thought on “Beautiful Pink Daffodils in a Huge Garden {{{by Jamie-Leigh}}}”

  1. Kia ora Jamie-Leigh. Well done, I enjoyed reading your 100 Word Challenge. Your story made me think about the future – and maybe flowers of ALL colours will be available for us to pick! I can see that you’ve paid attention to punctuation and spelling. Keep up the great writing Jamie-Leigh.

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