The Leopard By Lily-Sue

I was watching TV  and an advert that told you that you can adopt a leopard. I felt sorry so I adopted one. They sent me a purple one; it was beautiful. In the box it had a letter. It was super super fast. I went into my kitchen and read the rest of the letter. When I went back into the living room it was not there. It had wrecked a tennis court and a shop.  I had to get it back. It was in a shop. I grabbed the leopard and sent it back to the company again.

My Strange Dead Leopard by Faith

Ruby was walking though the rain forest when she saw a purple leopard so she grabbed it and sold it in a tennis shop (its skin).
“It is magical skin,” said Donald Trump.
” What are you doing?” said Ruby.
“Making magic!” said Donald Trump. In a flash of light Donald Trump became Mrs Trump.
” What happened to me?” said Mrs Trump.
“You must have a different gender!” Ruby screamed. “Wait… if you do your magic again maybe it will turn you back to normal.”
“Let’s try that,” said Mrs Trump. But when she  turned around  the skin was gone! “What!”

The scarred Leopard by Carter

“Can we go to a zoo?” asked John.
“Yes, ” we said.
“Yes!” shouted John with excitement.
Off they went to Blackpool Zoo. When they got there the leopard  was eating. They saw a tennis court.
“Can we play tennis? “asked John.
“Yes,” we said.
They went to the shop to grab a tennis racket but there were only purple ones. They played and John won.
“Can we see the leopard?” said John.
But when they got there the leopard was getting grabbed by a pole.
“No stop!” shouted  John.
“What?” shouted the zoo keeper.
“It’s an endangered animal!” shouted John.