The Ball of Bones by Eloise

One day I went to a museum and a magnificent ball rolled up to me as if it was alive! I said, ” Is anyone there?” No one replied. I was so embarrassed because people kept laughing and thinking that I was talking to myself. But I said, “Someone’s in that ball. You see the ball of bones?”

“No-one’s in that ball of bones! That is ridiculous!”

“But the ball of bones were moving!”

“No they’re not!”

“Yes they were!”

“Whatever. But you will see. I will show you. You will see.”

But what if they don’t see it? NO…!

Back In Time (By Adella)

I get out of the time machine, I feel dizzy. I open my eyes to see a TERRIBLE SIGHT! Bones, dead dinosaurs, fallen trees, all sorts of bad things! I wanted to see dinosaurs… not DEAD ONES! I try to clean the bones up so I can actually walk and explore (not that I want to anymore). I am becoming a museum sculptor (well a person who donates to a museum). I decide to do something with the bones. I make a GIANT ball and I’m proud. I take it to the time machine and say goodbye to the past.

The Battle of Gallipoli by Carter

After looking at the ball of bones they saw two bullets that collided. But someone tapped them on the shoulder. They turned around and saw that it was an old man. The old man said, “I can tell you how those bullets collided. In 1915, when we were fighting for our lives in the battle of Gallipoli one of the soldiers had just got shot and shot his gun and I should know, I was that person!” “Did you win?” “No. We retreated to base,” the old man said sadly. “We also lost thousands of soldiers…” The friends were feeling sad.

What I hope for the future By Jamie-Leigh Y4

I hope that chess club will be on next year.

I hope I have more friends.

I hope I could have games to play with.

I hope  I can care for them and help them.

I hope I will meet new people and make them my friends.

I hope when we are in Carr Hill we will make new friends and have different teachers and a different headteacher and lots of cheerleaders.

I hope I can be a cheerleader  and a great student in Carr Hill

We might have lunch outside.

I hope we have Maths!

What I hope for the future by Faith

I hope I grow  taller because every day someone calls  me a small!
I hope  I will be able to see my grandad who I haven’t seen for four years .
I hope my brother’s first tooth will come out .
I hope all my friends are nice to me .
I hope I make friends in different classes.
I hope when I’m older  I will become a super singer.
I hope I will be a Youtuber.
I hope all of the country  will join together and we will all be friends.
I  hope I will have more friends to play with today.